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What is SoLow?

SoLow is a computer application, that allows interactive musical improvisation between an acoustic melody instrument and a machine.

SoLow listens and calculates different musical parameters such as pitches, note lengths, note density and pulse of the live playing.  SoLow stores this data in lists of numbers that are continuously updated and read by its three different machines:

Melody machine produces responsive melodic phrases, Harmony machine produces accompanying sustained harmonies and Groove machine produces two-layered accompanying grooves to the music played by a human.

For producing the output, SoLow makes use of instrument-specific samples. The samples are currently available for clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, trumpet, flute and electric bass. If there's not yet a sample package available for your instrument, you can either use the settings for an instrument that has most similar range to yours, or contact the developer if you wish to create new samples for your own instrument.


SoLow is written in a graphic programming language Max/MSP. It's a standalone application that doesn't require Max license or runtime. You can purchase SoLow for macOS and Windows at the shop. Please check the system requirements in the product description in advance. The download includes a user's guide that has more detailed instructions for playing with SoLow. You  also need to download at least one sample package to be able to use SoLow. The samples are available for free at downloads.

SoLow is an ongoing independent artistic research project. By purchasing SoLow, you support the development and administration work around the project. New updates of the application will be released on this website while the research proceeds.

The development of SoLow has been supported by Amarte Fonds and Arts Promotion Center Finland.

SoLow logo is designed by Annika Granlund.